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Chat Masala

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Chat Masala is a spice staple in Indian cuisine. “Chaat” is a Hindi term used to describe the delicious savory snacks served at street carts in India. “Masala” simply means spice.

This unique blend of spicy and tart flavor is found in many Indian snacks, street foods, and tandoori meats. Chat masala is usually added to food after cooking and immediately before serving. A generous sprinkle of chat masala and a good toss is all that’s needed to add zing to prepared foods.

Use it to spice up your fruit and vegetable salads, potatoes, and chicken dishes.

Also Known As: Chaat Masala



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  1. 5 out of 5

    Chat masala

    Great seasoning for all kinds of curry dishes but also tastes great sprinkled on corn on the cob!

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