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Kelp Powder is made from kelp, a plant that grows in shallow oceans in underwater forests known as kelp forests.  Kelp is often referred to as “seaweed” although it is different than common seaweed.

Kelp Powder is used to flavor soup broths and stews. The powder is also used as a savory seasoning for rice, noodle, and vegetable dishes. Kelp has a salty taste, so many people use kelp powder in the place of regular table salt.

Kelp is naturally high in iodine. This makes powdered kelp the best way to introduce iodine into our diets. Kelp powder can be easily sprinkled onto any dish. It can also serve as a base for a healthy, iodine-rich green smoothie.

Kelp powder contains high levels of iodine. This product is made from kelp that has been harvested from the sea.

Persons with allergies to fish or shellfish should avoid this product, as it may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction.


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    Good Kelp Powder

    This is very good quality kelp powder at a great price. I used to buy more expensive”organic” kelp powder and then I realized that all kelp must be organic? Who sprays pestisides into the ocean??

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