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Sriracha Powder



Sriracha sauce has easily become one of America’s most beloved condiments. This is for good reason–it’s pleasantly spicy and delicious!

Now you can add the great flavor of the popular Sriracha sauce without the physical property with our Sriracha Powder.

Unlike Sriracha sauce, Sriracha powder is a dry ingredient, making it perfect for mixing into dry rubs and marinades.

Powdered Sriracha can be also used a substitube for Sriracha sauce in most recipes. Even better- for a tasty snack, just sprinkle our Sriracha powder on buttered popcorn. Homemade Sriracha popcorn? Yes please!


  • distilled white vinegar powder (distilled white vinegar, maltodextrin)
  • fine cane sugar
  • fine salt
  • Spanish paprika
  • cayenne pepper (30,000 SHU)


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