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Cheddar Cheese Powder

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Cheddar Cheese Powder is a great way to add strong, sharp cheddar flavor without physically adding cheddar cheese solids.

This cheddar cheese powder is a perfect base for cheese sauces and soups. It’s also great as a cheesy topping for popcorn, nacho chips, and vegetables.

The cheddar flavor of this product is about 10 fold in strength compared with regular cheddar cheese, so make sure you adjust your recipes accordingly!

We also offer white cheddar powder for strong cheddar taste without the strong orange color.

Gluten-free product.


  • real cheddar cheese
  • maltodextrin
  • whey
  • soybean oil
  • salt
  • yeast extract
  • citric acid
  • Yellow 5
  • Yellow 6


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  1. 5 out of 5

    LOVE this cheese!

    This is GREAT cheddar powder. I use it on microwave popcorn. I was looking for something that had NO added salt. The cheese itself has plenty. I also ordered some spices. All of the products so far have been really great. I would definitely order from this company again.

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