Habanero Peppers

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Also Known As: Habanero Chili Peppers, Habanero Chile Peppers

Habanero peppers clock in at over 200,000 Scoville heat units. While habanero no longer holds the title of “hottest pepper in the world,” its still far from mild. The hottest habanero pepper is about 140 times hotter than the mildest jalapeno.

Whole habanero peppers add fiery heat with sweet, citrusy undertones to chili, stews, sauces, and dips. These dried habanero peppers can be rehydrated and blended into fiery chile salsas. The chiles can also can added whole to cream, broth, and stock to infuse them with spicy-sweet flavor.

Dried habanero peppers have a lower and slower burn rate than fresh peppers. We recommend toasting them lightly before use to bring our their heat and flavor.


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    Bulk Habanero Peppers

    Very glad to find quality bulk habaneros. I have a large family and when we have gatherings I make A LOT of salsa. These are perfect, so hot and spicy!

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