Paprika Sampler Gift Set



Our Paprika Sampler Gift Set makes a great gift for chefs of all levels and is also a great way to sample a variety of different high quality paprikas inexpensively. It comes in convenient 2 oz. tins for easy use and storage.

The Paprika Sampler Gift Set Contains:

  • Spanish Paprika
  • Sweet Hungarian Paprika
  • Hot Hungarian Paprika
  • Texas Smoked Spanish Paprika
  • Smoked Bittersweet Spanish Paprika

All natural. Never any MSG or fillers. Our spices are 100% pure.

We pack orders by hand to ensure freshness upon arrival.

Spanish Paprika – paprika.

Sweet Hungarian Paprika – paprika.

Hot Hungarian Paprika- paprika, cayenne pepper.

Texas Smoked Spanish Paprika- paprika, natural smoke.

Smoked Bittersweet Spanish Paprika – paprika


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