At the warehouse
December, 2012

The Spice Specialist Story

In 1989, my wife and I started a mail order spice company called International Spice House.

From day one, we’ve been dedicated to providing the highest quality gourmet spices available.

Over 25 years later, our name has changed but our basic philosophy has not.

Whether we’re mixing small spice tins for your home pantry or bulk spices for Michelin Star chefs, we always make sure it’s the finest quality available.

Give us a try and see for yourself.

We guarantee that after one taste (or smell!) you’ll see the difference in our spices.

Many thanks,

Tony Provetto

Owner, Spice Specialist

Our Reputation

We started off as a mail order spice company, focusing on hard to find items. This was before the internet and ethnic grocery stores were widespread.

As time went on, we developed a reputation with passionate home cooks and professional chefs alike. The many requests we had gotten from restaurants led to us selling wholesale spices in bulk under the name Spice House USA.

I’m proud to say we grew purely from word of mouth.

Two years after we opened for business, we were the main supplier of spices to the Food Network. Celebrity chefs were using our spices in their recipes on national television.

Many of those chefs later chose to use us as a supplier for their own restaurants and private label products.

Many of our customers are still professional chefs, and they give us a lot of feedback! We use their feedback to perfect our spices and seasoning blends.

To this day, we are the ONLY spice supplier whose products are all either “chef tested” or created by professional chefs.


No Fillers

Our products do not contain any fillers, additives, emulsifiers, or flow agents. This makes our spices extremely potent. You may even find yourself using less in your regular recipes!


Our Packaging

Our packaging and labels are pretty basic, and that’s no accident.

We invest everything into the product inside—not the packaging!


Freshness Guaranteed

We make our spice blends in small batches and replenish our spices on a weekly basis. And we hand pack them to order, so they reach you as fresh as if you’d walked in and bought them from our warehouse.

We even put our direct phone number right on the label to ensure 100% satisfaction every time.


Our full catalog has thousands of items!

When we started out, we had only a small catalog of spices.

Today it has expanded to over 5,000 spices and specialty items!

Don’t see it on our site or in the catalog? Let us know! We can find it for you.



Custom Blending for Restaurants & Resellers

Want to mass produce your own recipe? We offer custom blending services for restaurants and resellers. We have only a 10 lb minimum and make sure your recipe is exactly the way you intend it to be.

We will never share your custom recipe with anyone and your blend will be exclusively sold to you.

All our blends are mixed right here in our Hicksville, NY facility and packed to order to ensure freshness.

Give us a call at (516) 942-7248 to discuss your wholesale, recipe and custom blending needs.