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Greek Oregano, Flaked

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Greek Oregano comes from the mountain slopes of Greece.  This special herb is known as “true oregano” and is prized for its flavor and aroma.

It is used not only in Greek cooking but also in dishes all across the world. The delicate flavor of Greek oregano is perfect for use in tomato dishes, salads, and sprinkled over pizza

We also offer finely ground Greek oregano, which blends smoothly and evenly in sauces.

For a stronger, more robust flavor that won’t be overwhelmed by spicier ingredients, also try our Mexican oregano.


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    Greek Oregano

    Wonderful fresh smell and taste. I brought (smuggled) some oregano from Greece which lasted a long time, but I ran out and haven’t been able to go back. This is very close! Much better than store bought oregano.

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