Modernistic Cuisine: Agar Agar

agar agar

oui chefOui Chef! Whether its called Molecular Gastronomy, Modernistic Cuisine, Culinary Physics or Experimental Cuisine, Spice Specialists carries what you need for your culinary creations. 

One of the oldest known culinary supplements is Agar Agar, which has been used in Asia since the 1600’s.  Agar Agar is a natural vegetarian gelatin that is used to make jellies, puddings, and custards. It is also used as a thickener, gelling agent, texturizer, emulsifier and flavor enhancer. In the Modernistic Cuisine world, Agar Agar is used to stabilize emulsions and foams and to thicken gels or liquids. 

Not sure who to use Agar Agar? Spice Specialists has a few suggestions on incorporating Agar Agar into your modernistic culinary creations.

Yokan (Gelatin Cubes)
Soy Sauce Noodles w/ Agar Agar
Hot Foam of Red Fruits

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Featured Spice: Berber Spice Mix

featured spice - berber spice mix

oui chef

Oui Chef! Spice Specialist’s featured spice this week is the Ethiopian spice mix Berber, or Berbere, which consists of a blend of chili and other regional spices. Our Berber Spice Mix contains cumin, cardamom, pepper, allspice, coriander, fenugreek, cayenne, ginger, salt, paprika, cinnamon and cloves. Ethiopian cuisine mainly consists of meat and vegetable stews. Spice Specialist’s Berber Spice Mix is the perfect spice blend for authentic flavors or culinary experimentation.


Spice Inspiration: Doro Wot (Ethiopian Chicken Stew)

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Featured Spice: Hon Dashi

han dashi

“Despite its hidden role, Dashi could be said to be the heart of Japanese cuisine, not because of the prominence of its own flavor, but because of the way it enhances and harmonizes the flavors of other ingredients. The secret of Japanese cuisine is this art of enhancing and harmonizing.” *

oui chefOui Chef! Spice Specialist’s featured spice is Hon Dashi, the Japanese soup base that is the underlying basis for most Japanese cooking. From Miso Soup to Tempura Sauce, Hon Dashi is the secret ingredient. Translated as “real broth”, Hon Dashi is made from dried bonito, seaweed essence and additional flavors. Together these flavors create the essence of Umami, the fifth flavoring. 

But don’t just limit yourself to Japanese inspired dishes. Hon Dashi is the perfect addition to “spice’n up” any recipe. How about Hon Dashi infused Fried Chicken? Or as a starter for your soup or noodle dish? Bring a touch of Umami to any dish with the addition of our Han Dashi. The flavor advantages are unlimted.    

Spice Inspiration:

mushrooms-blog Braised Musrooms w/ Dashi

friedchix-blog2 Fried Chicken w/ Dashi

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