“Vectors of Hotness”

Vectors of Hotness

Burning your mouth with chiles is entirely different than burning it with hot coffee *

Oui Chef its true! Spice Specialists carries a wide range of the “vectors of hotness” to inspire and complement your dishes! Inspired by an article at eater.com and the “vectors of hotness,” we’re featuring our guide to edible heat, from chilies, chili powders, peppers, peppercorns, wasabi, sriracha and other sizzling “vectors.” 

In fact, there’s not one but several types of gastro-heat. These vectors of hotness achieve their physiological effects in different ways, and the impact of, say, African grains of paradise has little in common with the burn of raw garlic or sweet heat of pink peppercorns. *

Here’s our look at the “vectors of hotness” – including Chilies, Black Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns, Grains of Paradise, Schezuan Peppercorns Wasabi, Mustard and some Obscure Peppers. 



Types of chile include Anaheim, bell pepper, Cascabel, cayenne, cherry pepper, ghost chile, hot banana pepper, hot paprika, jalapeno, malagueta, marisol, New Mexico, paprika, pasilla, pimento, poblano, rocotillo, Scotch bonnet pepper, serrano, shishito, Thai bird chile. *

Spice Specilaist carries a wide range of different types of chilies including, but not limited to, –  cayenne, hot paprika, jalapeno, New Mexico, smoked paprika, pasilla, habanero, chipotle, amarillo, panca, ancho  and more. In fact we carry over 2 dozen types of chilies. Both ground and pods. We offer 3 different cayennes, 6 Paprikas, and dozens of peppers and peppercorns

Black Peppercorns

 The flavor of peppercorns may be described as both hot and sweet, with some tasters detecting hints of camphor and mustard. It is said that the darker the peppercorn, the more pungent the flavor. *

And Speaking of Peppercorns…

Spice Specialist carries over 1 dozen different type of Peppercorns. From Black, Pink (see below), White, Green, Schezuan, Tellicherry, to Smoked Peppercorns and numerous peppercorn mixes.

pink peppercorns

 Though not really a peppercorn, Pink Peppercorns resemble a peppercorn and have a delicate, sweet, spicy flavor. Plus they are perfect with brownies!

grains of paradise

Also known as the alligator pepper, Guinea pepper, or melegueta, Grains of Paradise are in the ginger family and have a pungent, peppery flavor They are commonly used in African cuisine.

schezuan peppercorn

Schezuan peppercorns have a lemony flavor and create a slight numbness in the mouth when ingested. They are typically ground and used in many spicy Asian dishes.

Additional spellings: Sichuan peppercorn, Szechwan peppercorn or Szechuan peppercorn


Not just for sushi anymore, our Wasabi Powder is made from dried, ground Japanese horseradish and has a spicy flavor. It can be used in noodle dishes and soups or mixed with hot water to make wasabi paste for your sushi.


Dark mustard seeds have more of a spice to them than yellow seeds. They are typically used in Indian and Asian cuisines.

obscure chilies

We also carry a selection of more obscure chilies and spices that will add a hotness to your dishes, including Thai Short and Thai Long chilies, Japanese Pepper, International Peppers, Smoked Peppers and even Sriracha!


* inspired source: quotes and chili image – eater.com – Everything You Need to Know About Chiles and Other Vectors of Hotness

We’ve Got Vinegars. Powders!

vinegar powders at spicespecialist.com

oui chef


Oui Chef! Its true. Apple Cider Vinegar Powder is back at Spice Specialist!

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Powder is 100% all natural, made from REAL apple cider vinegar and is gluten free! Use it to add a tangy kick to sauces, marinades, salads and more.  

Spice Specialist carries a great selection of Vinegar Powders – Red Wine Vinegar Powder, Rice Wine Vinegar Powder, Malt Vinegar PowderBalsamic Vinegar Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder and Distilled White Vinegar Powder

Adding a vinegar powder to your recipes will give it a nice vinegary kick!


Happy Passover / Pesach Sameach

Pesach Sameach from Spice Specialist

Pesach Sameach from the gang at Spice Specialists!

The Jewish Holiday of Passover begins this Friday (April 3rd) at sundown. And to celebrate the holiday here are some ideas and locations  for a catered NY Seder.

“It’s telling that the highlight of most Passover dinners is the search for the afikoman — a broken piece of matzo. That is to say, it can be difficult to work up much enthusiasm for the traditional dishes that are served: haroset, gelfite fish, chopped liver, dried fruit, one-note brisket. But the good news is that New York restaurants are hosting Seder dinners that seem interesting and fun, without totally losing sight of tradition…here are seven Seder alternatives”

7 Awesome NYC Seder that should get you excited about Passover Dinner

How about a Seder with a Mexican touch? – Passover Menu – Toloache 



International Peppers & Peppercorns

peppers and peppercorns from around the world spicespecialist.com

oui chefOui Chef! Did you know that Spice Specialist carries a large selection of Peppers and Peppercorns from around the world? How about Schezuan Peppercorns from China? Aleppo Pepper – Syria? Shichimi Togarashi – Japan? Espelette Pepper – France?  We also carry a rainbow of peppercorns. Pink! Black! White! Green! From the everyday to the exotic, our peppers and peppercorns are of the highest quality and the perfect addition to any chef’s recipes.   


Featured Spice : Sriracha Powder

Featured Spice: Sriracha Powder

 It’s all about the heat. “Bout that heat. Most tasty!

Oui Chef! Our featured spice this week is Sriracha Powder. Our Sriracha Powder gets its zip and heat from Cayenne Pepper. Add some Spanish Paprika, White Distilled Vinegar Powder, Sugar and Salt and you’ve got a perfect Sriracha Powder.  Easily add a tasty heat to your recipes and featured dishes.  

srirachaFeatured Spice: Sriracha Powder


Featured Spice : Crystallized Ginger

featured spice crystallized ginger

This week Spice Specialist is featuring Crystallized Ginger. Crystallized Ginger is a candied version of the spice ginger which is often used in backing  and confectionery cooking. Crystallized Ginger can also used in cooking, in drink recipes and has many beneficial health benefits. It adds as subtle sweetness to most recipes.

Crystallized Ginger, also know as candied ginger, is used in all kinds of food – including: Drinks & Garnishes, Spreads & Salads, Appetizers & Entrees and, of course, in sweet sugary desserts.

Making Cocktails with Crystallized Ginger

Here are some cocktail recipe ideas using crystallized ginger.

tiniGinger Saketini – A ginger lovers delight! Uses ginger ale, fresh and crystallized ginger!


applegingersparklerApple-Ginger Sparklers – A Martha Stewart recipe? You know its got to be good!


gingercoctailCrystallized Ginger Cocktail





Health Benefits of Ginger

Treats Nausea & Motion Sickness – Ginger is known as an anti-nausea aid and sucking on crystallized ginger pieces can help relieve nausea and motion sickness.

Reduces Stress – The scent of ginger can act as a pick-me-up when you are tired, and is considered a herbal remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Treats Morning Sickness – Crystallized ginger can also help with nausea related to morning sickness.

Used in the Treatment of Muscle Pain and Inflammation – A scientific study has found that 2 grams of ginger reduced pain and inflammation due to exercise. Ginger can also help reduce joint inflammation from arthritis.

We’re Featured: Brooklyn Brine Does The Chew

Brooklyn brine

On the February 3rd edition of the TV show The Chew, one of Spice Specialist’s clients – Brooklyn Brine – was featured. The Chew’s Michael Symon visited the workspace of Brooklyn Brine and followed them as they made another batch of their fantastical pickles.

Here is the video of The Chew’s visit to Brooklyn Brine.


And featured were a few scenes highlighting our spices at work! Here you can see one of Brooklyn Brine’s mixtures containing our spices: Pickling Spice, Coriander Seed, Black Peppercorn  & Paprika, among others.

Spice Specialist’s spices. Making the world extra tasty!

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