Thai Spices Gift Set



The Spice Specialist Thai Spices Gift Set includes:

  • Thai Curry Powder
  • Ground Ginger
  • Soy Sauce Powder
  • Lemongrass Powder
  • Thai Short X-Hot Chilies

This gift set comes with 5 half-cup jars. Each jar contains about 2 ounces of product.

A perfect gift for the Asian curry aficionado, this sampler set has everything you need to compliment your favorite Thai recipes.

Our spices and spice blends do not contain any fillers or MSG. Soy Sauce powder contains salt.

High Quality Spices in small quantities for your gift giving convenience!

Thai Curry Powder – coconut milk powder, shallots, turmeric, bay leaves, coriander seeds, red pepper flakes, lemongrass powder, paprika, ginger, white pepper, cumin seed, lime juice powder & garlic.

Ground Ginger – ginger

Soy Sauce Powder – soy sauce (fermented soybeans, wheat & salt), maltodextrin & salt.

Lemongrass Powder – lemongrass

Thai Short X-Hot Chilies – thai short chilies


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