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Lavender Sea Salt

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There isn’t much that Lavender Sea Salt isn’t good for. Well, unless it’s added to a fresh bottle of soy sauce or already cured beef jerky. Those things already have plenty of salt.

Use it for margaritas or for lightly sprinkling on some tomatoes and goat cheese.

Or add it to that one roast chicken recipe. Maybe the one with the honey glaze?

As usual, sea salt is also great for finishing a dessert.

By the time your soft and silky vanilla ice cream has finished chilling, adding a dash of the lavender-infused salt on top will be obvious.

Oh, and don’t forget a little drizzle of honey too.


  • sea salt
  • culinary lavender


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Awesome Salt!

    Great flavor, smells awesome, and adds a really surprising twist to many different foods. Try it on eggs and avocado with a little garlic and pink pepper (if you’ve got it).

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