Honey Powder Crystals (Granulated)

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Honey Powder Crystals are used to add sweetness and flavoring without adding the liquid of honey.

This style of granulated honey is also ideal for cake, cookie or bread mixes. Or, go savory, and use it to add a strong honey flavor to dry rubs without altering the consistency.

Other popular uses for honey crystals include seasoning for hot and cold cereals, ice cream and roasted nuts.

And don’t be afraid to experiment – try adding it to your coffee, tea, lemonade and cocktails for a unique twist. Honey crystals are a great sweetener for hot and cold drinks.


  • honey
  • sugar


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    Honey Powder

    I had never heard of honey powder, so of course I had to buy it. It has a very pleasant, sweet taste. I’ve been using it in baking and as an ice cream topping, but I think it would work well in some meat rubs as well.

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